Cannabis tincture is the industry’s best-kept secret. It comes in a small dark bottle and gives you all the benefits of the cannabis plant, without the need to inhale smoke or consume extra calories. Cannabis tincture is simple, straightforward, and thoroughly without frills—so why is it taking the world by storm? Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis tincture is what you get when you soak cannabis flowers in alcohol. The alcohol extracts the THC, CBD, and terpenes in the flower, creating a product that is highly concentrated and easy to use medicinally or recreationally.

Most cannabis tinctures are made with ethanol that’s 25% to 60% alcohol, resulting in a solution that’s around 50 to 100 proof.

If you can’t tolerate alcohol or prefer not to use it, you can use a plant-based alternative like glycerin or vinegar. Both will dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in the raw flower, but they don’t do it as effectively as alcohol, so the tincture won’t be as strong.


How Do You Take Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis tincture is most often taken sublingually, a few drops placed under the tongue. This allows the blood vessels in the mouth to quickly absorb the active compounds in the tincture, so you feel the effects quickly.

You can also swallow the tincture or mix it into food, in which case the body absorbs it as if it were an edible. It passes through the stomach and into the liver, which processes the cannabinoids and terpenes and sends them into the bloodstream.

Because swallowing your tincture sends it through the digestive system, it won’t take effect as quickly as it would if you dropped it under your tongue. On the other hand, digested cannabis products tend to last longer.

Why Do People Love It?

The simplicity of tincture accounts for much of its popularity. When you’re using cannabis for a particular purpose, such as to relieve chronic pain or reduce anxiety, effective dosing is important. It’s easy to overestimate and take too much, which can make you feel more side effects and cause your body to develop a tolerance.

Easy Dosing

Tinctures are usually measured out using a traditional medicine dropper. Two to four drops under the tongue will start to take effect after about 15 minutes, so you can adjust the dose as necessary without wondering if it hasn’t “hit you” yet.

The Picture of Discretion

Not everyone loves the smell of cannabis smoke, nor is it always easy to find a discreet place to get a hit. With tinctures, you can easily dose yourself any time of day, almost anywhere, without drawing undue attention. No smell, no smoke, no problem.

DIY Possibilities

Also, because cannabis tincture is such a simple product, it’s easy to make yourself. Buy cured flower or cure your own at home.  Then mix it in a jar with some consumable alcohol such as Everclear. Let it sit in the jar for a few weeks, shaking it daily, then strain it with a coffee filter to make it ready to use.

In Conclusion

Cannabis tincture is a great option for people who are taking cannabis medicinally, or who just want to be precise about their dosing. You can get a quick hit or a long-lasting one with the same product, and even mix it into a different food every day.

There are as many different tinctures as there are cannabis strains, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

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