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People tell us we’re friendly. Weed love to chat with you.

We put love out there becase we always get it in return from you. Buddha company was built off of the energy of the people that support us. We thank you. Reach out to our recreational dispensary by phone or email, seven days a week. We’re powered by real people with a real passion for cannabis. Let’s have a real conversation.


Dowtown LA
Mon – Fri ➡ 8 AM to 10 PM
Sat – Sun ➡ 10 AM to 10 PM

Arts District
Everyday 10am to 10pm


DLTA – (213) 943-7950
ART DISTRICT – (213) 628-3144

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Chill with Buddha . 

We're honored you chose us at the The Buddha Company. Save 10% on your first order at our recreational dispensary and get the royal treatment from our team. We've earned a five star reputation from Los Angeles by treating people like family. Get to know us on a first name basis and come back, time and time again.